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A repeatable,
revenue-boosting messenger marketing
funnel that rescues more sales.

From one of Australia's top official Facebook
Messenger development providers.
Messenger  has become the marketing and sales platform of choice.

With a highly responsive market waiting to be tapped, a handful of “early adopters” are using new technology and new tactics to take full advantage of the opportunity.

It won’t be long before this gap is filled by the rush of competition.  
But in the meantime, these early movers are keeping one step ahead of the competition, devising future strategies to improve their marketing… and reaping substantial revenue rewards at the same time.

Are you one of those “early adopters”?

Think Your Business Has What it Takes?

Messenger Marketing  isn’t for every business.

But if you have these 3 basic things, you’re in a perfect position to tailor your marketing funnels in new and unexpected ways:
  1. Do you have an existing Facebook Messenger  campaign that makes sales?
  2. Do you have Facebook Events Pixels set up (for add to cart, checkout etc)?
  3. And most importantly, are you willing to tackle a new, unconventional approach to marketing, selling and  engaging with your customers?

Let’s start at the bottom (line)

This sophisticated strategy is about one thing: raising your revenue.

And there’s no better way to show you its power  than a recent, real-life example.

One business we worked with wanted to improve their Messenger sales conversions.
They sold a high-ticket item, meaning their cost to purchase of $85
was acceptable, if not great.

They worked with us over 4 weeks to refine and tailor the strategy.
At the end of those 4 weeks, we measured their cost of purchase again.

It had reduced to just $4.

Yes: the amount they spent to make a sale dropped more than 20 times (from $85 to $4).
The return on ad spend by that 4th week?  $96.

That is, for every $1 spent on advertising, they were generating $96 in sales.

“The results from our first launch quickly turned an experiment into a core offering. Messaging is the competitive advantage our firm needs to lead in a disrupted industry.”

Joel Cranshaw, General Counsel, Clearpoint Counsel Law Firm

Why these figures weren’t a “one-off”.

These figures weren’t the result of dumb luck or one-off “chance”.

We’ve proven with businesses over and over that this repeatable.

Those incredible results, produced by a highly-specific mix of strategy
and technology, were the outcome of months we spent in experimentation, exploration and effort.

And who are “we”?
We - Foster Labs - are one of only two Australian official Facebook Messenger development providers.  And we’ve been developing automated technology to help e-commerce businesses market better and sell more since the launch of Messenger Chatbots in April 2016.

How it works

When you think of ratcheting up your revenue, a lot of people automatically think of how to create new sales.  We’ve taken the opposite approach.

Your potential customers are the key.  
Your “almost” customers can be some of your most valuable.

Using the process below, we rescue more of the sales (and dollars) these “almosts”
cost you when they abandon purchases or leave with items still in their cart.

Here’s how we bring them back to you to happily finish their order:


Your customers turn up on your site.  They look around,  add products to their cart, and even get to checkout but, for whatever reason, abandon without splashing the cash.


Using data collected combined with our understanding of the customer journey, we build you a tailored campaign.  The objective: re-target customers who wouldn’t “seal the deal” (existing customers never see these ads).


Your “almost” customers see the tailored ads enticing them with a special offer or coupon, and click through into FB Messenger.


Now in Messenger, they engage with your bot to claim their discount coupon.


The bot redirects the customer back to the shopping cart to use their discount and make their order.


These customers can also be added to a marketing sequence that will help you follow-up with them, upsell, offer customer support or even just build your list.

More than just a repeatable revenue rescuer

Messenger Retargeted will transform the financial results you see
from your Messenger marketing.

That we guarantee.

But the technology and techniques used to “save your sales”
come with many other advantages.

Re-connect with your customers… at the right moment

Re-engaging with customers can be a “spray and pray” method. You send out your marketing messages and hope your customers are in the right mood when they see them.

With Messenger Re-targeted, you’ll re-engage your customers with the right offer at the right time, with a lot less effort. Our automated funnel will handle early sales conversations, and only drop a salesperson in when it’s time to answer complex questions or close the sale.

Launch your “revenue rescue” strategy without lifting a finger

Our experts will consult with you on your current marketing, then set up the entire strategy and integrate it with your existing funnel.

In fact, it might even seem too easy for you. All you’ll have to do is let your sales & support staff to monitor their Messenger conversations like they already do.

Get the low-down on your customers

Your customers provide vital clues to what you’re doing right… or wrong.  With Messenger Re-targeted, you gain a dossier of marketing intel that tells you why people are (or aren’t) buying from you, what messages they’re responding to, and other similar data.

With this intel, you can build future marketing campaigns that answer objections before they’re ever raised and create promotions that zero in on what your customer wants.

“Mailchimp for FB Messenger”

That’s right, with Messenger Re-targeted , you can build a list of customers ready to hear a lot more from you.

But these aren’t ordinary customers on your lists. These “super customers” will be ultra-responsive. So much so that your tailored marketing will achieve incredible open rates (over 100% in most cases), record-breaking click-throughs (50%+) and most of all - more and more conversions.

What A Bleeding-Edge Messenger
Marketing Funnel Looks Like

A repeatable, revenue-rescuing marketing funnel that targets and engages customers like you’ve never been able to before is what Messenger Re-targeted gives your business.

But what does that actually look like?

Well, when you partner with us to create and tailor your new strategy, you get all the support, data and technology you need to make it a success:
A complete Facebook Ad campaign to launch your new funnel with, including all the ad images and copy needed to hone in your “almost” customers.
Messenger automation and analytics configuration, so you can use data driven testing to make sound decisions that increase your sales and bottom line.
A Marketing Bot Map (think sequences in a drip email campaign) to automate the sales conversation and reduce the time your support staff spend handling every interaction
A weekly report that shows you your current Ad Spend, Cost per Purchase,  Return on Ad Spend - and how each is trending week-on-week
A basic list of Messenger marketing prospects that you can attract with super-targeted offers

Why the Window is Closing

Messenger won’t always be an easy, profitable sales platform.

Competition is flooding onto it every day.

This “window of opportunity” to rake in easy revenue and deeply connect with your customers will only stay open for a while longer.

Soon enough, Facebook will start to charge for sending messages. The companies who’ve made the mistakes and built their capabilities on the Messenger platform will seize the competitive advantage.

For every other business… well, they’ll be left to fend for themselves, painfully re-building their funnels while leaking money, sales and customers.

Everything You Need to Rescue Revenue, Sales AND Customers - in a Single Package

Everything we’ve learnt - the experiments, the data analysis, the marketing and the technology - to create Messenger Re-targeted has been gift-wrapped for you into a neat bundle.

Doing it yourself - well, for most businesses, it’s almost impossible.

And those who do have the resources would spend tens of thousand of dollars and months just to build a basic prototype.

In other words, we’ve paid the high price developing Messenger Re-targeted so you don’t have to.

You’ll get to take advantage of everything we have for a one-off price of $1299 AUD.

For many of you, that small, single cost will be recovered within a month - purely from the extra revenue that Messenger Re-targeted delivers to your doorstep.

For others, it might take 2 months.

But from that break-even point, it’s 100% pure profit.

Here are the building blocks you’ll need for your new “revenue rescuer” marketing funnel (and all included with that one-off price):
A reproducible marketing method that brings “almost” customers running back to you, rockets your revenue and slashes lost sales.
A consistent way of re-engaging and re-connecting with your customers at exactly the right time.
Set up, launch and refinement of your new marketing strategy - we do all the work.
The Facebook advertising assets (such as images and copy) that go hand-in-hand in bringing your prodigal customers home.
Weekly reports that show you the exact difference Messenger re-targeted is making to your profits.
An ever-growing dossier of marketing intel on your customers that improves every day… without you doing a thing.
The commercial and marketing lessons gained from early, inexpensive mistakes and insights illuminated by the data.
Every marketer’s dream: a list of hyper-responsive customers you can target with your best offers.

4 Weeks to Jumpstart Your Funnel or 100% Back

We know our system works.  We’ve already proven it does.

And you’ll know it works too - within a month.

In fact, we’re so confident you’ll start seeing a 50% lift in revenues from your existing re-targeting campaigns inside 4 weeks, we’ll give you a full refund if it doesn’t.

Every part of the funnel strategy is handled.

There’s no hard setup or work for you to do.

Just watch your ad spend drop.  And your revenue rise.


Get full access for $1299 AUD

Launch time time offer - 50% off for the first 50 customers.

100% of the cost is returned to you if we can’t deliver.