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Frequently Asked Questions

What chatbots have you developed before?

We've developed a bunch. We've built for legal, government agencies, local councils and startups. We have a space dedicated to them so you can review and gain inspiration.

What lessons have you learnt from building chatbots?

KISS. Keep it simple stupid. The number one thing that will hold a chatbot back from success is a complex idea. Our job is to take your idea and make it even simple. Even if you think it's simple it isn't. In fact, it's like going to be more work to make it simple. That's cool. The result is usally worth it.

"Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains." ~ Steve Jobs

What is the best way for me to market my chatbot?

It depends. What is problem are you solving? Who is your customer? Where do they hang-out? Answer these questions and you will be well on your way to uncovering how to market your chatbot. At Foster Labs we try to build the marketing channel into the launch and product. For Repost Bot we launch a youtube video that became the most popular video in the category of reposts on Youtube and is now the primary customer acquisition channel.

What is the best way to build viratlity in my chatbot?

Forget the idea of the viral loop.  We’re not saying it isn’t achievable, but a referral functionality alone isn’t going to put you on the highway to viral growth. Start focused on strong customer acquisition and retention that translates to a great experience and product. From here you can start building out virality.

What if my chatbot stops working?

In most cases, an email will be sent to the contact person of your company when an issue causes the chatbot to stop working. We'll know about it to and devOps will review the issue. You can also contact support@foster.ai if you notice a bot stops working.

Where is my chatbot hosted?

Heroku.com and DigitalOcean.com. Both hosts are world class with strong security postures.
More can be found at:

What if my chatbot gets 100,000 people all messaging at once?

Congratulations! This is a good problem to have. How-ever, in reality no chatbot get's 100 000 message all at once (unexpectantly). It's normally expected, for example, a broadcast. Whether the bot is expected to be hit hard or usage is quickly increasing over time. Planning for the changing requirements is front of mind. At Foster Labs, we use concurrent web server, apply instrumentation to determine how well the app is handling the load, and monitor app performance, tweaking as necessary as conditions change.

What is your guaranteed uptime?

So far our bots once launched don't go down.

When can I see your SLA?

A service level agreement can be tailored based on your unique requirements.

How do you do AI?

We don't do AI. We do machine learning. We use google's API.AI to handle the Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Are you using any other services to create my chatbot?

Yes. We use our own open source framework Botstackjs.com and API.AI.

Who owns my chatbot?

You own the source code and data on any chatbot we build and host.

Can I access my chatbot's data?

Yes. You can access the data at anytime via our self service systems.

Where is my chatbot's data stored?

Data is stored in San Francisco on Digital Ocean hosted services.

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